Our company and its objectives?

We are a Luxemburg based company owned by individuals with the aim to develop new technologies allowing electric powered flights using renewable sources of energy.

All our aeronautical projects will now be carried out through our 100 % french subsidiary   
"AeroSkyLux France SAS"

Who are we?
What have we reached?

With Lithium-Polymer batteries, our pilot, Mr Soullier Jean-Luc, holds several world records filed and recognized by the FAI ( federation Aeronautic international, Lausanne ) under the category RAL1E ( microlights: Movable Aerodynamic Control/Landplane/Flown with one person/Electric engine )


Type   of Record

PerformanceDateClaimantStatus Id

Speed over a straight course

 189.87 km/h2012-09-29Jean Luc Soullier (BEL)ratified -current record 16638
RAL1EAltitude 2366 m2012-02-27Jean Luc Soullier (BEL)ratified - current record 16497
RAL1EDistance over a closed circuit without landing  50.13 km2012-02-27 Jean Luc Soullier (BEL)ratified - current record 16496
RAL1ESpeed over a closed circuit of 50 km 136.4 km/h2012-02-27Jean Luc Soullier (BEL) ratified - current record 16495

These world records have been ratified under the aegis of the BULMF ( Belgian ULM Federation ) Up to date, he holds the world electrical flight speed record in its category as filed and ratified by the FAI, being 189.87 Km/H. ( 117.98 mph ) 

What are our goals?

As we now have demonstrated our ability to control electrical powered aeroplanes, we commit ourselves to allow the development of, between others, the leisure aviation without the blamed nuisances e.g. noise and atmospheric pollution using clean and renewable sources of energy.

Our next targets are :

1)Spring/Summer 2014

New FAI world records :

- Speed : minimum 200 Km/h

- Distance : minimum 2,000Km ( 1,250 miles )

- Altitude : minimum 10,000 meters ( 32,800 Ft )

2)June 2015 during the “Le Bourget “( Paris ) Air Show

The first non-stop transatlantic electrical flight joining New York and Paris

To participate to the French Forum Pegase where we intervene  

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