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 Type of Record Performance Date Claimant Status  Id
 Speed over a straight course
 189.87 km/h 2012-09-29 Jean Luc Soullier (BEL)ratified - current record 16638
 RAL1E Altitude 2366 m 2012-02-27 Jean Luc Soullier (BEL)ratified - current record 16497
 Distance over a closed circuit without landing  50.13 km 2012-02-27 Jean Luc Soullier (BEL)ratified - current record 16496
 RAL1E Speed over a closed circuit of 50 km  136.4 km/h 2012-02-27 Jean Luc Soullier (BEL)ratified - current record 16495

These world records have been ratified under the aegis of the BULMF ( Belgian ULM Federation ) Up to date, he holds the world electrical flight speed record in its category as filed and ratified by the FAI, i.e. 189,87 Km/H. ( 117.98 mph ).

Jean-Luc Soullier

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