Watt Consulting 

Thanks to the technical teams of Watt Consulting, the leader in the conversion of energy in severe environments and in their skills in the aeronautical sector in the electric distribution, Watt Consulting will have for mission to manage the electric architecture of aeroplanes developed with the respect to the optimal efficiency while keeping  a reduced mass, an absolute safety and a staunch reliability. Watt Consulting will also develop a part of the power converters bound  to the transfers from the sources of energy towards the propulsion.


The French ULM (microlight)  Federation  represents 15.000 pilots, defends a declarative regulation based on the responsibility. This kind of regulation is the most fitted to the practice of the sporting as well as the leisure aviation. It allows the innovation for the manufacturers , diversity of the practices and a great freedom for the pilots. It is the ideal frame for the development of tomorrow's electric aviation.


With the collaboration of Saft R&D department, the world's leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology batteries for the industry, we use all means at our disposal in order to achieve our goals in the aeronautical sector.

CAFE Foundation

Cafe: Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency (California ).                                             As speaker, we participated at their Symposium on electric aviation in April 2013 in order to present our world records as well as our projects.



The French Aerospace Lab. Our company has signed the cooperation agreement with this organization.


The deturbulator: Proprietary system of passive mitigation of the trail by the putting in vibration of the flow around the profile of the wing.                                                     This system allowed us to obtain a reduction of energy consumption by the order of 20%.


LUXFER Gas Cylinders

Luxfer Gas Cylinders is a leading global supplier of lightweight, high-pressure composite cylinders for the storage and transportation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Bio-Methane, Hydrogen and other industrial gases used for a wide range of application. Luxfer alternative fuel cylinders can be found on CNG-powered automobiles light and medium duty trucks, buses trailers and other means of transportation. 

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