Etlantic 1 Project

Our site dedicated to our Atlantic crossing project.

Watt Consulting


Leader in the design of high technology electronic (hardware and software) in severe environments such as high temperature (up to 250°C), the strong levels of vibrations or the strong CEM constraints (emission / susceptibility).


The most important Motorized Microlight  Federation on an international scale.



SAFT: the world's leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology batteries for the industry.



Composite surface flexible deturbulator.



 The French Aerospace Lab.



The world's largest manufacturer of high-pressure aluminium and composite cylinders.



The French forum relating to the aviation where we intervene

CAFE Foundation


CAFE : Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency ( California )



The International Aeronautical Federation : based in Lausanne ( Switzerland ) who ratified our world electrical flights records.

Flying Zone



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