04/11/2014. 1st trial flight with our new electric propulsion chain.

The first trial flight of the MC30E N°1 equipped with the new propulsion chain took place with success on October 30. 

The program of the trial flight has been planned in order to verify the longitudinal controllability (in consideration of the new centering), the functioning of the adjustable pitch propeller and the electric stability of the set batteries + controller.

All these points were validated and the general behavior of the machine leads to expect pretty good results for the next trial as well as for the next performances attempts.

Though full power was not applied for this flight, during the initial ascent, peaks of the rate of ascent of more than 7 m/s were already recorded in our data loggers. During this flight, the altitude of 2850 ft has been reached, the maximum true speed of 151 kph was measured and a comparison of the efficiency of the propulsion chain has been made with the same propeller blades which have been used during the speed record dated September 29, 2012 in Koksijde, i.e. roughly identical figures of 5,5 Kw at 120 kph TAS. 

A particular mention to the artisans who repaired the raised landing gear (too soft on all the axes) which now leads to a stable and pleasant behavior of the machine on the ground, a real progress.

During the next flights, we will have brand new ascent propeller blades specially manufactured by the Company Arplast (which also manufactured the variable pitch hub) and a careful approach of the maximal performances will be made quite soon with a view to the future FAI record attempts.

10/09/2014.Ready for new FAI records 

Our Fire-Fly Luciole MC30E is now ready with it's new electrical motorization. Just a few minor points are still pending.                                                                           With a power multiplied by 3 for a nearly similar weight, the actual FAI electrical records will soonest be pulverized.

19/05/2014.Setting up of our french law company

Our company" Aeroskylux France SAS " which carries from now on our projects relative to the electric propulsion aviation, has just been constituted with its head office in the french Department of the High Alps ( 05 ).

25/04/2014. California: Symposium on the electric aviation

Our Jean-Luc Soullier is, again, the only one to represent France on this April 25th, 2014 at the VIIIth CAFE Symposium on the electric aviation in Santa Rosa, California http://cafefoundation.org/v2/pdf_eas/2014/EAS.VIII.program.pdf                        by presenting our experiences in this domain as well as our project of the very first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean New York - Paris with a full electric aeroplane during the Le Bourget airshow in 2015.

06/04/2013. New FAI world records attempts

With our Firefly MC30E equipped with a brand new electric propulsion chain built up and managed by our own care, we shall proceed in the course of the next weeks, under French banner, to these new attempts:

- speed on a straight line (2x15 Kms) : minimum of 230 Kms / hour
- speed on a 50 Kms circuit : minimum of 200 Kms / hour
- speed on a 100 Kms circuit : minimum of 150 Kms / hour
- Altitude : minimum 8.000 meters
- time to climb to 3.000 meters : minimum 20 m / second
- time to climb to 6.000 meters : minimum 15 m / second

These new records to be ratified by the FAI will accredit our work experience in the field of electric propulsion aviation by this independent institution.

05/04/2014. Constitution of our French law company 

Our Board of Directors decided, on March 1st, 2014, to let all our electric aviation projects be carried out by a French law subsidiary.
Therefore, our subsidiary " AeroSkyLux France SAS " is, from that time on, in formation process with head office in the french department of the High Alps ( 05 ).

17/03/2014 On the tracks of Lindbergh

The Atlantic Ocean crossing
With an electric ULM (Microlight) in June 2015 


07/03/2014 Article published in Dauphiné LibéréGap       

Record attempt: New York / Paris with electricity



26/02/2014. Article in "Vol à Voile" March/April 2014.

Shall the electric ULM (microlight) save the gliding?

To read the article (French language).

Our pilot Mr Jean-Luc Soullier, is the author of an article published in the magazine "Vol à Voile" n°165  March-April 2014 (page 34 and 35)

13/02/2014. New stage in our adventure

Our new aircraft is outlined with its magnificent wings.

01/02/2014. Our new site dedicated to our Atlantic crossing


30/01/2014. Article and video appeared on Lux TV.

 Libramont: an helicopter flies in the LEC.

Unusual: an helicopter flew inside the LEC, "Libramont Exhibition and Congress". What is it all about? Well, engineers test at present technologies which will soon allow a plane, with electrical energy, to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

 15/01/2014. Article in AVIASPORT January/February 2014

Electric flight: Danger, high-voltage!

To read the article (French Language)

Our pilot, Mr Jean-Luc Soullier, in charge of the R&D, is the author of an article published in the magazine Aviasport of January / February, 2014 (pages 44 - 51) relating his experiences  and thoughts (safety, dangerousness, management of energy, the dangerous traps...) relating to aircrafts with electric propulsion. 

11/12/2013. Watt Consulting

Watt Consulting, leader in the design of power electronic in severe environments and associated complex controls occurring  in the aeronautical, oil and automotive sectors has agreed to participate in the elaboration of the electric plane architecture and embarked energy converters on all the aeroplanes developed by AeroSkyLux.

04/11/2013. The FFPLUM supports our projects

The French ULM (microlight) Federation, approved by the Ministry of sports, appreciates our experiences as well as our projects regarding aircraft with electric propulsion and fully support us. 

 02/10/2013. SAFT : Our new industrial partner

SAFT, the world's leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology batteries for, among others, the defence and the aerospace industry sectors, has accepted to study a specific application for our next aeroplane dedicated to our trans-Atlantic's flight projects.

08/09/2013. Our new electric powered microlight

Our microlight with electric propulsion which allowed us to obtain our 4 world records FAI in the category RAL1E, the MC30E La Luciole, now makes way for our new ultralight aircraft which electric motorization will be exclusively realized on our own  given the fact that no other performing, reliable and safe alternative is available. This new microlight will allow us to concretize our 2 next objectives:

1)New FAI records :

- Speed : minimum 200 Km/h ( 125 mph )

- Distance : minimum 2,000 Km ( 1,250 miles )

- Altitude : minimum 10,000 meters ( 32,800 Ft )

2)Production preparation of performing and reliable electric powered microlights

01/08/2013. ONERA

Our company has signed the cooperation agreement with ONERA

01/07/2013. LUXFER


 Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure aluminium and composite cylinders sponsored us with a 20 Litres – 350 Bars carbon cylinder. This cylinder will be used for our first attempts of long lasting flights and, afterwards, of long distance flights using PEMFC (fuel cells) Hydrogen / Oxygen. The scientific results of our experiments will, of course, be shared with this partner.

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